Change money in Salvador Bahia

Who arrives from abroad to Salvador Bahia should change some money at the airport, only for the first expenses, even if the rate is not very good. Later you can change in the exchanges offices of the great Shopping Centre. In the historic center of Salvador (Pelourinho) there are several places to change money. You should see the rate in 2 or 3 before decide. We recommend: CONECTA CORRETORA DE CHANGE, with offices in two places: 1) PELO MUNDO TURISMO Shopping da Bahia 2 piso (2 floor) Tel: (71) 3450-8555 / 3450-2337 /3450-8618 2) PORTO DA BARRA Hotel Sol Barra Ladeira da Barra 3577 Tel: (71) 32640000 / 3264-0914